Are you ready to take


to the next level?

As a busy healthcare professional you need a practice management solution that's mobile, intelligent and easy to use.

Developed by healthcare practitioners, EZMed puts practice management in the palm of your hand with:

  • on-the-go billing
  • sophisticated ICD-10 and Health Code indexing
  • real-time medical aid and client billing capability


Powered by our sophisticated Health Code Index, EZMed is able to deliver intelligent coding, with clinical relevance into your Practice Management Application. 

Covering the 83 medical schemes & over 340 plan types our vast Funders File ensures up-to-date medical scheme treatment & reimbursement rates.

For on-the-move management of your practice, you need a system that functions on all your devices including desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. 

Designed with mobility in mind, EZMed is always available on your phone & web.

Using your phone or PC you can:

  • Manage your patient diary and day-plan
  • Quickly add a new patient
  • Add your treatment on the fly

We take care of the heavy lifting and ensure:

  • A constant and secure backup of all your data
  • You'll have the latest version of EZMed at your fingertips
  • The latest medical scheme rates, directly and automatically in your system
  • Immediate treatments and diary updates, between you and your office

Health Code Index (HCI) contains all the South African Health Codes required to render a medical claim, linked together in a clinical relevant and intelligent way.  These codes include:

  • Reference Price List (RPL) / Treatment codes
  • ICD-10 codes
    • cross linked to their individual PMB statuses
    • prompting required external cause codes where required
    • allowing sophisticated yet simple searching
  • NAPPI codes with their individual descriptions and pricing
    • allowing simple searching from the extensive database

With the intelligence and mobility of EZMed, you can enjoy the simplicity of a sophisticated system, in the palm of your hand, on the fly, or in your office.  Our focus on you the Healthcare Professional, makes understanding and interacting with EZMed intuitive, leaving the tough stuff to the system.