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To support nationwide social distance efforts in an effort to manage the spread of COVID-19, there is a need for practitioners and patients to ‘meet,’ virtually. 
Medici is a virtual consulting application that has been tested and proven to allow practitioners to safely provide treatment within a matter of hours, so no patient—especially those who are most vulnerable—goes without care. 
The App operates within the regulations allowed for the practice of telehealth in South Africa and is also PoPI and HIPAA compliant.

About Medici

Medici was born in the USA out of a need to develop a global innovative technology that will transform and inspire the world of healthcare. The world is changing and healthcare has to change with it. Doctors are overloaded with admin and regulatory requirements, Physician burnout in the USA alone costs $4.6 billion USD annually. Patients are spending an average of 121 minutes on each medical practice visit they have. Out of necessity, they need more convenience and care alternatives that save time and money.

The same can be said for any healthcare system in the world, and especially now…

Medici delivers a telehealth solution for today. A secure and fast way for healthcare practitioners to treat their patients virtually.

Together EZMed and Medici have created an all-in-one solution to telehealth that meets practitioner, patient and medical scheme needs.

This is a first for Africa and will enable more patients to get the healthcare they need and deserve.

To find out more about the EZMed and Medici solution and how it can assist in streamlining your practice contact us.

Not based on the African continent but want to know more? Click here to visit Medici.Md